With Inter Miami coming off a run of good form, it's time to take a look at their defense and see how Phil Neville has made it work.
Pizarro out, Federico in, and a tactical turning point...? Inter Miami made it close, but they got another 3 points on the road. Let's Dissect.
Although Miami won the possession battle last night, their attack fell flat. Maybe having less of the ball is a good thing? Let's Dissect.
Short-handed? No problem. Inter Miami managed to pick up a valuable point on the road. Let's dissect.
A tale of two halves. Dos Higuain's. Let's dissect this crazy night. Plus a quick Nashville preview.
Miami may have lost on the pitch, but that shouldn't deter you from looking at the positives. Let's dissect.
With seven days before their season opener against the LA Galaxy, here's how the Herons looked during their final tune-up game.
Inter Miami played an intrasquad scrimmage on March 17th, from the little footage we have, here's what we can learn from it.
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