When crossing the ball just isn’t enough….

“Play a Through Ball!”

‘PaTB’ is the brainchild of my innermost thoughts about football. Soccer isn’t just a game, its influence goes far deeper than that.

It’s a sport that connects people regardless of income, country, and language.

It’s a sport that deserves to have its stories told and the game analyzed.

That’s essentially the premise of this newsletter.

I will share my thoughts, opinions, and breakdown tactics on the beautiful game. There are so many interesting stories to be told from the world of soccer, and I want to bring them to you from not only the perspective of an up-and-coming soccer writer but as a lifelong football enthusiast.

Who are you?

My name is Alex, I’m a journalism student and soccer writer who’s played soccer for 10 years. You can reach out to me on Twitter @aaw_1998 and find more of my soccer writing on Lemon City Live, World Football index, and Fansided.

What do you have against crossing?

Absolutely nothing! This is just a stylistic personal preference. Not all crosses are bad, take this Isco to Benzema outside of the foot cross/pass (crass?) from a friendly back in 2013:



Alex is a soccer enthusiast with an unhealthy obsession with tattoos. Born and raised in Miami, she spends her time waxing poetic over Jordan Rakei.